A futuristic landscape image representing the strategic joint venture between Bayanat and Autonomous a2z. The scene features autonomous vehicles and a

Bayanat and Autonomous a2z Announce Strategic Joint Venture for Autonomous Systems in UAE

Bayanat, a leading AI-powered geospatial solutions provider, and South Korean autonomous technology firm Autonomous a2z, have announced a joint venture to develop and deploy autonomous systems in the UAE and the wider MENA region. This partnership was launched at the DRIFTx event in Abu Dhabi, showcasing a teleoperated vehicle from South Korea, and aligns with UAE’s technological innovation goals.

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A professional meeting scene featuring representatives from Beyon and LigaData signing a partnership agreement in a modern office setting. Elements in

Beyon Partners with LigaData to Launch Advanced Data Lakehouse

Beyon has partnered with LigaData to develop a cutting-edge Data Lakehouse, integrating structured and unstructured data into a single platform. This initiative aims to enhance Beyon’s data infrastructure, drive innovation, and provide personalized services. The partnership will support Beyon’s data and AI plans, boosting agility and operational excellence across its companies.

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A high-tech data center featuring advanced AI and cybersecurity integration. The scene includes sleek servers with glowing lights, AI robots, and digital

Trend Micro Partners with NVIDIA to Enhance Security for AI-Enabled Data Centres

Trend Micro partners with NVIDIA to enhance security for AI-enabled private data centres globally. Integrating NVIDIA NIM and Morpheus with Trend Vision One – SPC solutions, this collaboration improves data privacy, real-time analysis, and threat mitigation. The partnership aims to secure next-generation AI-driven infrastructures with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

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