Veon secures US$270 million loan for Pakistan unit Jazz

Veon subsidiary Jazz has secured a PKR75 billion (US$270 million) loan to expand its infrastructure and transition from a telecom company to a technology services provider. The credit facility, led by The Bank of Punjab, is the largest long-term private sector syndicated credit facility in Pakistan, enabling Jazz to enhance digital infrastructure and invest in cloud, software, and financial services.

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A landscape image representing the successful implementation of Ericsson's RedCap solution on e& UAE's 5G Standalone network. The scene features advance

Ericsson and e& UAE Successfully Implement RedCap Solution on 5G Standalone Network

Ericsson, in partnership with e& UAE, has successfully verified the Reduced Capability (RedCap) software solution on e& UAE’s 5G Standalone (5G SA) network. This marks the first implementation of Ericsson’s RedCap solution in a commercial network in the Middle East and Africa region, enabling new types of 5G IoT devices and offering new monetization opportunities in both consumer and industrial spaces.

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A landscape image representing Zong 4G's network expansion and modernization in Pakistan. The scene features modern 4G base stations with advanced tech

Zong 4G Expands Network and Completes Modernization Project in H1 2024

China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), operating under the Zong 4G brand, expanded its network and completed a significant modernization project in the first half of 2024. Zong 4G deployed over 400 new 4G sites and upgraded its base stations with 8T8R technology to enhance customer experience along the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. Additionally, Zong upgraded over 1,400 battery banks to Li-Ion solutions for improved efficiency.

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A landscape image representing the financial success of Ooredoo in the first half of 2024. The scene features a modern cityscape with high-rise building

Ooredoo Reports 9% Growth in Revenue for H1 2024

Kuwait’s National Mobile Telecommunications Company (Ooredoo) reported a 9% increase in consolidated revenue for the first half of 2024, reaching KD346 million ($1.1 billion). The growth was driven by strong performance in Kuwait, Maldives, Tunisia, and Algeria. The customer base grew by 4% to 25.5 million, and EBITDA increased by 8% to KD125 million. Net profit attributable to NMTC decreased to KD25 million due to a one-time gain in H1 2023, but excluding this gain, net profit would have been 23% higher.

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A futuristic landscape image representing the strategic joint venture between Bayanat and Autonomous a2z. The scene features autonomous vehicles and a

Bayanat and Autonomous a2z Announce Strategic Joint Venture for Autonomous Systems in UAE

Bayanat, a leading AI-powered geospatial solutions provider, and South Korean autonomous technology firm Autonomous a2z, have announced a joint venture to develop and deploy autonomous systems in the UAE and the wider MENA region. This partnership was launched at the DRIFTx event in Abu Dhabi, showcasing a teleoperated vehicle from South Korea, and aligns with UAE’s technological innovation goals.

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A landscape image representing the Digital Cooperation Organization's urgent discussions on global IT outage implications. The scene features a confer

DCO to Hold Urgent Discussions on Global IT Outage Implications

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) will convene with Member States and digital economy experts to address the recent global IT outage that disrupted essential operations. DCO Secretary General Dheemah AlYahya emphasizes the need for effective international digital cooperation and sustainable policies to mitigate risks and ensure continuity in an increasingly digital world.

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A futuristic landscape image showcasing the partnership between Siemens and BAE Systems in engineering and manufacturing. The scene features advanced

Siemens and BAE Systems Partner to Drive Innovation in Engineering and Manufacturing

Siemens and BAE Systems have signed a five-year agreement to enhance engineering and manufacturing technologies through digital transformation. This partnership aims to develop future capabilities across BAE Systems using Siemens’ NX software, Teamcenter PLM, and edge computing solutions, promoting sustainability, industrial digitalization, and supply chain modernization.

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