Gulf Bridge International Expands Digital Connectivity with New Oman POP

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Gulf Bridge International (GBI), a key infrastructure provider in the Middle East, has announced the inauguration of its new Point of Presence (POP) at the Equinix MC1 Data Centre in Oman. This strategic development interconnects major data centers in the Gulf region to Asia and Europe, enhancing GBI’s extensive infrastructure network.

Streamlining Service Delivery

The new POP is set to streamline service delivery for GBI’s international carrier, OTT, and gaming provider customers. This initiative provides seamless accessibility into and out of the Gulf region, improving service efficiency.

Enhanced Connectivity and Reduced Latency

GBI’s offering includes L2 and L3 Peering, MPLS routes, and a diverse cable network to major data centers. Customers will benefit from speed options ranging from 10MB to 10GB, resulting in a 30% improvement in latency.

Cost-Effective Investment in Gulf POPs

Historically, investing in Gulf region data centers has been costly. GBI’s approach allows customers to maintain a physical presence in one data center while virtually accessing others in the region through GBI’s network, optimizing investment efficiency.

Strategic Positioning and Community Impact

Brendan Press, Chief Commercial Officer at GBI, emphasized the strategic positioning of the new POP in Oman. This expansion is expected to enhance digital exchange within and outside the Gulf, improving community access to digital experiences.

Collaboration with Equinix

Kamel Al Tawil, Managing Director of MENA at Equinix, expressed enthusiasm for supporting GBI’s expansion. The collaboration strengthens Equinix’s commitment to providing robust connectivity options, delivering a resilient data exchange platform for GBI’s clients and fostering global digital exchange.

This expansion by GBI, in collaboration with Equinix, marks a significant step in enhancing digital connectivity across the Gulf region, Asia, and Europe. It represents a commitment to advancing digital infrastructure and facilitating global connectivity for businesses and communities alike.

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