Core42 and Gecko Robotics Forge Strategic Alliance to Advance AI-Driven Solutions in UAE

Core42 and Gecko Robotics have partnered to integrate advanced robotics and AI-driven software into key sectors like energy and public infrastructure in the UAE. This strategic alliance aims to enhance efficiency, safety, and operational excellence across critical infrastructures, leveraging Gecko’s innovative technologies and Core42’s extensive industry insights.

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A modern telecommunications office in landscape format, depicting a high-tech environment with advanced digital screens displaying interactive AI inte

Libyan Telco Almadar Aljadid Partners with WideBot to Deploy Multilingual AI Chatbot

WideBot, an AI developer based in Cairo, has partnered with Libyan telecom Almadar Aljadid to introduce a multilingual AI chatbot, enhancing customer service. This strategic collaboration aims to improve customer interactions and support Almadar’s service expansion across Libya, demonstrating a significant advancement in the region’s telecom sector.

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A modern cityscape in Saudi Arabia showing diverse people using various digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops outdoors. The scene ill

Saudi Arabia Achieves 99% Internet Penetration in 2023, Enhancing Connectivity

In 2023, Saudi Arabia achieved a remarkable 99% internet penetration rate, indicating widespread digital access across the population. The “Internet Saudi Arabia” report reveals extensive daily usage, predominance of mobile access, and significant engagement in online shopping and government services, supported by strong infrastructure that places the nation among global leaders in internet speed.

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A modern, digital event in Doha, Qatar, showcasing a groundbreaking NFT ticketing system. The scene is vibrant, filled with stylish attendees engaging

Revolutionizing Event Ticketing: Zbyte and Doha Design District Launch NFT System for TEFFA Event

Zbyte and Doha Design District have introduced a groundbreaking NFT ticketing system for the TEFFA AI R evolution event in Doha, merging blockchain technology with the arts. This innovative approach enhances ticket security and transforms them into unique digital collectibles, advancing Qatar’s position as a hub for digital innovation.

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