A dynamic business partnership scene with representatives from Panamax Technology and Hilal Technology shaking hands. The background features a modern

Panamax Technology and Hilal Technology Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation in the Middle East

Panamax Technology LLC and Hilal Technology have formed a strategic partnership to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions across the Middle East. Combining Panamax’s IT expertise with Hilal’s regional presence, the collaboration aims to enhance operational excellence and growth for enterprises through advanced technologies, including ERP, cloud adoption, and managed services.

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A launch event scene with a digital platform display showcasing climate change information. The background features elements like greenery, water, and

Mercy Corps and Queen for Change Launch Tahammul Platform to Combat Climate Change in Jordan

Mercy Corps and Queen for Change launched the Tahammul digital platform in Jordan to address climate change. The platform aims to improve cooperation, resource allocation, and transparency in climate action. Key dialogues at the launch focused on securing climate financing and building resilience through policies, technology, and protecting vulnerable groups.

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A high-tech data center featuring advanced AI and cybersecurity integration. The scene includes sleek servers with glowing lights, AI robots, and digital

Trend Micro Partners with NVIDIA to Enhance Security for AI-Enabled Data Centres

Trend Micro partners with NVIDIA to enhance security for AI-enabled private data centres globally. Integrating NVIDIA NIM and Morpheus with Trend Vision One – SPC solutions, this collaboration improves data privacy, real-time analysis, and threat mitigation. The partnership aims to secure next-generation AI-driven infrastructures with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

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A high-quality image representing the expansion of an Egyptian fintech startup, Connect Money. The image features a modern cityscape with business pro

Connect Money Secures $8 Million Seed Funding to Fuel Expansion in Egypt and Morocco

Connect Money, an Egyptian fintech startup, raised $8 million in seed funding to expand in Egypt and Morocco. The funds will support new business verticals and enhance technological capabilities. Founded in 2024, Connect Money offers a white-label card issuing platform and various financial solutions, aiming to transform banking operations in North Africa.

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