A modern, digital event in Doha, Qatar, showcasing a groundbreaking NFT ticketing system. The scene is vibrant, filled with stylish attendees engaging

Revolutionizing Event Ticketing: Zbyte and Doha Design District Launch NFT System for TEFFA Event

Zbyte and Doha Design District have introduced a groundbreaking NFT ticketing system for the TEFFA AI R evolution event in Doha, merging blockchain technology with the arts. This innovative approach enhances ticket security and transforms them into unique digital collectibles, advancing Qatar’s position as a hub for digital innovation.

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Pakistan’s State Minister Advocates for Youth Empowerment Through Technology

State Minister Shaza Fatima Khawaja highlighted the importance of equipping Pakistan’s youth with advanced technological skills for development. Speaking at a report launch, she emphasized digitalization initiatives, including the introduction of digital identities and the adoption of digital payments, to enhance societal interactions and foster economic growth.

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