A vibrant scene showcasing a partnership between MERP Systems and Omantel. The background includes modern office buildings with Omantel and MERP logos

MERP Systems Partners with Omantel to Propel Digital Transformation in Oman

MERP Systems has partnered with Omantel to drive digital transformation in Oman using Microsoft AI tools. The collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and develop new digital products. The agreement also includes modernizing HR systems, creating an AI-enhanced digital store, and training Omani professionals in advanced AI skills.

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A vibrant scene depicting the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, featuring a rocket launch, innovative tech prototypes, and a group of di

In Collaboration with KAUST and “Garage” CST Announce the Registration for the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), KAUST, and “Garage” announce the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program. This six-month initiative aims to attract investments, support innovation, and expand R&D in the space sector. It includes a hackathon, bootcamp, incubation phase, and community establishment. Interested participants can register on the program page.

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A modern cityscape of UAE showcasing smart city elements, including advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Highlight a sleek telecom network box

TDRA Releases Updated Building Telecommunications Network Box Specification Manual

The TDRA has released an updated Telecommunications Network Box Specification Manual, reducing costs and space for telecom infrastructure by up to 50%. The manual supports UAE’s smart city initiatives and maintains its global leadership in FTTH. It benefits telecom operators, developers, and users by standardizing specifications and enhancing service delivery.

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A modern telecommunications setting in Bangladesh featuring a mix of urban and technological elements. Include cell towers, antennas, and a backdrop o

Arabsat Partners with neXat to Launch Multicontinental Managed Services

Arabsat has partnered with neXat to manage its multicontinental managed services through a single application. This collaboration will reduce operational costs, automate tasks, and enhance service delivery across governmental, enterprise, and consumer markets. The neXat platform will provide a customized OSS-BSS suite, ensuring future integration with new virtualized hub solutions.

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