Morocco Hosts Conference on Digitalisation of Foreign Trade in Casablanca

Morocco’s conference on trade digitalisation, supported by EBRD and ICC, focuses on reducing costs and increasing transparency. Key discussions include legal frameworks, international initiatives, and the importance of digital infrastructure. The event aims to align Morocco’s trade procedures with global standards, benefiting its economy and integration into the global market.

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A high-quality image representing the expansion of an Egyptian fintech startup, Connect Money. The image features a modern cityscape with business pro

Connect Money Secures $8 Million Seed Funding to Fuel Expansion in Egypt and Morocco

Connect Money, an Egyptian fintech startup, raised $8 million in seed funding to expand in Egypt and Morocco. The funds will support new business verticals and enhance technological capabilities. Founded in 2024, Connect Money offers a white-label card issuing platform and various financial solutions, aiming to transform banking operations in North Africa.

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