A vibrant scene depicting the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, featuring a rocket launch, innovative tech prototypes, and a group of di

In Collaboration with KAUST and “Garage” CST Announce the Registration for the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST), KAUST, and “Garage” announce the Space Tech Entrepreneurship Incubation Program. This six-month initiative aims to attract investments, support innovation, and expand R&D in the space sector. It includes a hackathon, bootcamp, incubation phase, and community establishment. Interested participants can register on the program page.

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A vibrant high-tech conference in Marrakech, Morocco, featuring a modern conference hall filled with international delegates and speakers, digital screen

GITEX Africa 2024: Bridging the Gap Between Technological Advancement and Cybersecurity

GITEX Africa 2024, held in Marrakech from May 29-31, will gather global experts to address Africa’s cybersecurity challenges amid its digital revolution. Key figures like Ghita Mezzour and Mohamed Al Kuwaiti will discuss strategies to enhance digital security and foster international collaboration, ensuring a secure future for the continent’s digital growth.

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DALA futuristic business exhibition showcasing autonomous delivery robots and an AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform in a modern convention center

Yango to Showcase Cutting-Edge Business Optimization Solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai

Yango will showcase its advanced business process optimization solutions at Seamless 2024 in Dubai. Highlights include autonomous last-mile delivery robots, an AI-driven robotic pick-and-place platform, and comprehensive tech solutions for e-grocery businesses. These innovations aim to enhance operational efficiency and provide a competitive edge for Middle East businesses.

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A landscape format image of a modern digital training workshop focused on empowering women entrepreneurs. The scene features a diverse group of women

Dialog Axiata’s Techliya Programme Empowers Women Entrepreneurs with Digital Skills in Sri Lanka

Dialog Axiata’s Techliya programme, part of Ideamart for Women, concluded successfully, empowering Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs by enhancing their digital skills. The initiative provided resources, mentoring, and tools for business digitalisation, financial technology, and international expansion, highlighting the importance of ongoing support in the SME sector’s digital transformation.

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