Sheikh Hamdan

Dubai Aims to Become a Global Gaming Hub by 2033

Dubai’s Crown Prince, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has approved the “Dubai Program for Gaming 2033,” aiming to make Dubai a top 10 global gaming city, create 30,000 jobs, and boost GDP by $1 billion by 2033. The initiative will support developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and startups in the gaming sector, focusing on talent, content, and technology. Three metaverse initiatives were also launched to cement Dubai’s leadership in metaverse development. The move aligns with Dubai’s vision to be a future-ready city, emphasizing technology and innovation.

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Riyadh Skyline

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Foster Collaboration on Statistical Data Exchange

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain discussed enhancing collaboration in developing methodologies for vital indicators during the 9th International Conference for Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange. Top officials from both nations met to strengthen economic growth and bilateral ties. The event, organized by Bahrain, gathered international data experts to share insights and updates. Discussions centered on strategies to bolster sector collaboration. Co-organized with support from ESCWA and Banca d’Italia, the conference aimed to empower data communities through SDMX tools and technologies. It marked the first in-person gathering since 2019.

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Hub 71

Hub71 Welcomes 23 Innovative Startups with $53 Million Funding into its Ecosystem

Abu Dhabi’s Hub71 has welcomed 23 new startups in its latest cohort, collectively securing over $53 million in funding. These startups will join the Company Building Programme and receive substantial incentives and cash for equity. The surge in applications reflects Abu Dhabi’s growing appeal as an innovation hub. The startups span various sectors, including FinTech and ClimateTech. Some will join Hub71+ Digital Assets, benefiting from a network of partners. Two ClimateTech startups focus on sustainability. Hub71 offers mentorship, support, and a vast network, enhancing startups’ growth prospects in Abu Dhabi’s tech ecosystem.

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AI in Middle East

The Rise of AI in the Middle East

The Middle East is experiencing a significant surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption, reshaping various industries. Government initiatives and investments are driving AI development, particularly in healthcare, where AI-powered solutions are revolutionizing patient care and diagnostics. Education is becoming more personalized with AI-driven tools, and automation is enhancing business efficiency and customer experiences. While challenges like ethics and regulation exist, opportunities for AI startups are abundant, with AI poised to transform the Middle East’s economy and society. The region’s AI journey is a global story of innovation and growth.

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Moro Hub SAP Partnership

Moro Hub and SAP Forge Green Cloud Partnership to Drive Sustainability in the UAE

Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, is set to collaborate with SAP to bring SAP’s public cloud services to Moro’s solar-powered Green Data Centre, the world’s largest of its kind. This partnership aims to help UAE organizations reduce their environmental footprint while leveraging SAP’s cloud solutions. The initiative aligns with the UAE’s sustainability goals and its commitment to digitalization. The move builds on a long-standing relationship between DEWA and SAP, marking a significant step toward responsible growth and operational excellence in the UAE.

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Artificial Intelligence in UAE

UAE Tech Leaders Outpace Global Counterparts in Confidence, Embrace AI and ESG

A KPMG report reveals that 89 percent of UAE tech leaders are confident in their current technology’s ability to drive business growth, surpassing global peers by 16 percent. The report highlights a focus on AI, ESG, and XaaS technologies, with strong belief in AI’s ROI. Additionally, tech leaders prioritize employee satisfaction and cybersecurity. Challenges include data management and legacy tech limitations. The UAE envisions a digital evolution reshaping various industries in line with its centennial 2071 ambitions.

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