Zain Kuwait Showcases Advanced 5G New Calling Capabilities at Global Telecom Summit

Zain Kuwait 5G calling

In an impressive leap forward, Zain Kuwait demonstrated its network’s capabilities for the rollout of 5G New Calling (5GNC), a groundbreaking 5G network feature, during the GSMA’s New Calling Summit 2023 in Paris. The company’s successful trial of this service made it the sole operator from the MENA region to showcase 5GNC to the global telecom community.

During the event, Zain highlighted its infrastructure’s readiness for the commercial launch of 5G NC, collaborating with major industry leaders to publish a whitepaper on the subject, where Zain is the sole representative from the MENA region.

5GNC enhances voice and video calls with innovative features, offering ultra-HD, intelligent, and interactive calling without requiring additional apps. This advancement opens up new possibilities for customer service hotlines and enterprises to interact with customers efficiently.

Zain’s early adoption of 5GNC demonstrates its commitment to innovation, following its pioneering launch of 5G services in 2019. The company continues to invest in its 5G infrastructure to meet increasing data demands and explore new revenue streams.

Recently, Zain received the ‘Outstanding 5G Business Development’ award during the SAMENA Council’s Leadership & Excellence (LEAD) Awards, recognizing its excellence in using 5G applications to empower business development.

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