Ooredoo Elevates Qatar’s Digital Leadership by Hosting GSMA Networks Group Meeting

Ooredoo GSMA

In a significant milestone for digital innovation and global connectivity, Ooredoo, a leading telecommunications provider, hosted the GSMA Networks Group Meeting NG#18 in Doha. This landmark event marked a crucial step in Qatar’s journey to becoming a leader in digital communications. It brought together global industry leaders to shape the future of mobile connectivity, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to digital innovation and excellence.

The GSMA, a worldwide entity dedicated to uniting the mobile ecosystem and empowering innovation, played a pivotal role in this event. It was the first time that such a prestigious gathering of top telecom companies took place in Qatar. The primary focus was on fostering discussions and advancements in voice and data services to enhance the mobile user experience globally.

Ian Pannell, GSMA Chief Engineer, highlighted the significance of this meeting: “The GSMA Networks Group is at the forefront of defining the future of mobile connectivity and services. Being hosted for our NG#18 meeting in Qatar is a testament to the country’s ongoing commitment to digital innovation. We ensure that users worldwide enjoy a seamless and enriched mobile experience, regardless of where they are. Qatar’s vibrant technological landscape provides the perfect backdrop for these discussions. We are grateful to Ooredoo for hosting us and playing a crucial role in fostering international cooperation and shared progress in the telecommunications sector.”

The event welcomed over 100 participants, with some joining virtually. It included representatives from major multinational operators, manufacturers from various technology sectors, and Internet giants. These influential entities convened in Doha with a shared mission: to exchange invaluable insights, engage in forward-looking deliberations, and cultivate partnerships poised to transform the telecommunications landscape.

This proactive initiative underscores Ooredoo’s commitment to making Qatar a center of digital and telecommunications excellence. By attracting the brightest minds in the industry and accelerating the world’s journey towards greater connectivity, Ooredoo reaffirmed its role as a driving force in digital transformation.

Ooredoo has consistently been at the forefront of telecommunications innovation. Notably, it was the first organization globally to launch a commercially available 5G network. Welcoming international delegates to the GSMA Networks Group Meeting NG#18 represented another major milestone in Ooredoo’s journey towards supporting Qatar in becoming a leading digital nation.

By engaging with the NG’s comprehensive approach to advancing network unification worldwide, Qatar is not merely a participant; it actively contributes to the evolution of global telecommunications. Hosting the GSMA event reiterated Ooredoo’s mission to continually enhance its users’ digital experiences. Through dialogues with global tech and telecom leaders, Ooredoo actively gains insights and forges partnerships that will directly translate into enhanced services, cutting-edge innovations, and unparalleled global connectivity for its customers.

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