stc Group and Red Sea Global Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Tourism with Digital Innovation

stc read sea MOU

Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaIn a landmark move set to redefine the tourism experience along the Red Sea coast, STC Group has penned a transformative partnership with Red Sea Global (RSG), a pivotal developer executing Saudi Arabia’s grand Vision 2030 tourism projects. This collaboration heralds a new era of digital connectivity, leveraging avant-garde communication technologies to empower and enhance tourist destinations.

Digital Transformation at the Heart of Tourism

The agreement positions STC Group as a driving force in the digital and technical development of Saudi Arabia’s mega-projects, ensuring seamless connectivity across the Red Sea’s prospective and current sites. This initiative will introduce state-of-the-art digital services tailored to revolutionize the tourist experience, establishing the Red Sea as a premier advanced tourist destination.

STC Group’s commitment to digital excellence aims to elevate the living standards within the region, enriching the visitor experience with cutting-edge digital infrastructure.

A Pledge to Develop and Diversify

Olayan bin Mohammed Alwetaid, STC Group CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, recognizing the project’s national significance and affirming the group’s dedication to leveraging their extensive digital expertise to enhance this initiative further. “As a key player in the Kingdom’s digital transformation, our partnership with The Red Sea destination is a testament to our commitment to the country’s ambitious Vision 2030,” he stated.

John Pagano, Group CEO at Red Sea Global, highlighted the integral role of technology in realizing their vision. “Technology is the cornerstone of our guest services and environmental stewardship at The Red Sea and AMAALA. With STC’s advanced solutions, we aim to exceed our guests’ expectations and establish new standards in regenerative tourism.”

Advanced Connectivity for a Future-Ready Destination

STC Group’s role extends to offering advanced connectivity solutions for The Red Sea and AMAALA destinations. The provision of these bespoke services, including robust 5G connectivity and data centre integration, promises an uninterrupted, seamless digital experience for visitors and residents alike.

Elevating the Guest Experience with Smart Services

The partnership’s ambition transcends connectivity; STC Group and RSG have co-developed a suite of Smart Services to augment the digital guest experience. Innovations like smart EV charging stations, intelligent gate systems (VMS), a dedicated Marine security command centre, an RSG booking engine, and an RSG contact centre are set to revolutionize guest interactions. Moreover, STC customers will enjoy the convenience of automatic WiFi offloading, seamlessly connecting them to the network upon arrival.

A Visionary Contribution to Tourism and Beyond

This strategic alliance marks a significant step in STC Group’s ongoing contribution to enhancing tourist sites with pioneering communication technologies. It is a testament to their dedication to fostering economic growth and developing opportunities in smart hospitality, residential solutions, and agricultural technology.

STC Group’s collaboration with Red Sea Global represents more than a partnership; it is a commitment to realizing the Saudi Vision 2030, laying the digital groundwork for a future where tourism and technology coalesce to create unforgettable experiences for all.

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