Akhdar and VMS Unveil Initiative to Propel Arab Educational Content and Tech Startups

VMS Akhdar MoU

In a landmark development for Arabic digital education and entrepreneurship, Akhdar, the preeminent Arabic platform for educational content, has partnered with Value Maker Studio (VMS) to broaden its impact and assist tech startups in their expansion into the Saudi market.

Launched in 2016, Akhdar quickly established its prominence through engaging animated videos on YouTube, which summarized key book concepts, accruing over 80 million views and amassing a subscriber base topping 2 million. This success uncovered a demand for accessible Arabic educational resources, leading to the creation of the Akhdar mobile app and website. The platform boasts over 2,500 pieces of educational material—ranging from book summaries to podcast episodes—all designed to be consumed in 15 minutes or less. With over 1.5 million users globally, Akhdar’s influence is significant and growing.

Founder and CEO Mohammed Osama emphasizes Akhdar’s commitment to making vast knowledge pools accessible to the Arab world. “Our goal is to bridge the educational gap, delivering key insights from leading books in a format that caters to the modern, on-the-go lifestyle of users within the Saudi market and beyond,” says Osama.

Simultaneously, VMS announces the launch of its groundbreaking “Bridge Program.” Slated to begin in January 2024, with applications due to open in November 2023, the program is tailored to help Egyptian tech startups establish themselves in the Saudi Arabian marketplace. VMS’s Bridge Program promises to offer an extensive suite of support services, from financial and technical assistance to legal and HR guidance.

The program will include a rigorous three-day workshop offering startups a deep dive into the Saudi market. The training will cover a variety of topics, from understanding consumer needs to crafting persuasive sales pitches, all aimed at easing the transition for these businesses into the Saudi economic landscape.

This initiative is bolstered by a strong partnership network, including notable institutions such as the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport and the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Commerce, among others.

Motaz Abuonq, the founder of VMS, expresses his excitement about the program’s potential: “The Bridge Program is more than a growth accelerator; it’s a gateway for innovation and success, empowering entrepreneurs to scale new heights in the competitive Saudi market. Our mission is to catalyze development and champion the burgeoning startup ecosystem.”

This collaboration between Akhdar and VMS represents a strategic and innovative effort to foster educational advancement and entrepreneurial success within the Arab world, setting a new standard for digital learning and business growth.

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