Ejada Announces Strategic Expansion to Lead Digital Transformation in the Region

Digital Transformation

In a move that signifies a significant shift in Saudi Arabia’s technology landscape, Ejada, a prominent IT services provider headquartered in the Kingdom, has unveiled plans to scale up its operations. The company’s expansion efforts come at a pivotal moment as digital transformation becomes a cornerstone of the region’s strategic development agenda.

Ejada is repositioning itself, transitioning from an applications integrator to become a key orchestrator of digital transformation across various sectors. This evolution is marked by a comprehensive rebranding campaign that heralds the firm’s new phase of growth. Fawwaz Abou El Naser, Ejada’s CEO, announced, “Ejada is embarking on a new journey, one that will be a significant landmark in our journey of providing digital transformation solutions.”

In alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030, Ejada has cast a broad net to include industries such as healthcare, transportation, retail, and real estate. The company, already known for its impactful projects in the financial and government sectors, sees vast opportunities for innovation within these new domains.

The nation’s increasing focus on cutting-edge technologies is forecasted to drive double-digit growth rates in the tech sector. Cloud services and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence are particularly poised for an impressive expansion in the coming years.

Ejada’s Chief Technology Officer, Mohamed Foud, highlighted the exponential growth trajectory anticipated for cloud computing, which is expected to outpace overall market growth. “Emerging technologies are on the brink of unprecedented progress, and Ejada is at the forefront, ready to introduce innovative solutions that will flourish in this dynamic environment,” Foud remarked.

This growth is paralleled by a surge in venture capital investment in Saudi tech startups, particularly those in the fintech sector, signaling a vibrant era for the Kingdom’s technology ecosystem.

Ejada also has its sights set on the cybersecurity market, intending to make significant contributions through a robust suite of services that include deployment, consulting, and advanced managed services. As the company advances, its strategic initiatives are set to not only transform its own trajectory but also to catalyze the digital evolution of the region’s industries.

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