Oman Business Forum to Host Tejarah Talks on M-commerce Impact

Maymuna Al Adawi

The Oman Business Forum, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion, is set to host a significant Tejarah Talks session focusing on the impact of mobile commerce (m-commerce). Titled “M-commerce: Your Gateway to Global Markets,” this event is scheduled for 7:30 pm on Wednesday, 6 December, at the Zain Auditorium, Omantel HQ in Airport Heights. The session aims to delve into the rapid growth of m-commerce and its transformative effect on various industries such as travel, manufacturing, and retail.

Moderated by Shabib Al Maamari, Managing Director of Visit Oman, the panel includes esteemed industry experts like Sheikh Khalid Al Hosni, CEO & Chief Data Scientist at K.A. Consultants; Majid Al Amri, CEO of Thawani Technologies; and Hamood Al Hamdan, Director at the Tech Ecosystem Development Department, Ministry of Transport, Communications & Information Technology. These panelists will offer their insights into the global m-commerce landscape, discussing its revolutionary impact on different sectors and presenting specific trends and data.

Maymuna Al Adawi, Director of PPP at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion and the organizer of Tejarah Talks, highlighted the profound changes brought about by the global m-commerce market in various sectors. She emphasized how mobile commerce is reshaping business operations and consumer interactions, from mobile bookings in travel to streamlined operations in manufacturing and the shift towards mobile shopping in retail.

Supported by notable entities such as Jindal Shadeed, Sustainable City Yiti, Nortal, Omantel, and Oman FM, the panel will explore topics including the integration of social media in m-commerce, the influence of social media on consumer preferences, advancements in mobile payment options, and the importance of user-generated content.

A key aspect of the discussion will be the use of m-commerce by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to expand their market reach. Recent data indicate a substantial increase in sales for SMEs using mobile platforms, with certain sectors experiencing even more significant growth. Examples from Omani craft businesses and local food producers demonstrate the effectiveness of m-commerce in enabling local SMEs to access international and regional markets.

Al Adawi concluded by emphasizing the session’s importance as a strategic workshop for local SMEs. With m-commerce sales expected to surpass US$700 billion by 2025, the Tejarah Talks session presents a critical opportunity for Omani businesses to understand, embrace, and lead in the realm of digital commerce. This event is poised to be more than a mere discussion – it’s a gateway for Omani enterprises to harness the potential of m-commerce and thrive in the digital economy.

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