Ooredoo and Cisco Launch Cloud Phone Service, Bolstering Business Broadband in Qatar

In a significant move, Ooredoo, in partnership with Cisco, has introduced its innovative Cloud Phone service to Qatar’s business community.

This unveiling was marked by a special event highlighting the strong collaboration between these two industry giants. The launch not only showcased the new Cloud Phone service but also emphasized Ooredoo’s enhanced business broadband offerings, including the revolutionary Business EDGE solution.

Thani Ali al-Malki, the Chief Business Officer of Ooredoo, commented on the collaboration: “In this era of digital transformation, our strategic alliance with Cisco is a testament to Ooredoo’s commitment to providing businesses in Qatar with world-class solutions. The introduction of Cloud Phone, backed by Ooredoo’s trusted broadband services, embodies our dedication to ensuring businesses are future-ready, efficient, and digitally empowered.”

At the joint conference, Cisco experts presented the many benefits of the Cisco BroadSoft platform, which serves as the foundation for the Cloud Phone service. This demonstration highlighted the platform’s robust capabilities and its alignment with modern business needs.

Ooredoo’s experts also took the opportunity to delve into the technical aspects of their new offering. They illustrated the technical merits of the Cloud Phone service and emphasized the foundational

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