Ooredoo Kuwait Launches New Cadres Employment Program to Foster Local Talent

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Ooredoo Kuwait, a leading telecommunications company, has recently launched its annual employment program, welcoming a fresh batch of national Cadres. This initiative is part of Ooredoo’s ongoing efforts to recruit, train, and develop young Kuwaiti talents in the communications and technology sector. The program reflects the company’s commitment to empowering the new generation with the skills required in today’s dynamic sales environment.

At the launch event, Eisa Al-Beshaier, Senior Director of Human Resources at Ooredoo Kuwait, introduced the new recruits, emphasizing their crucial role in the communications and technology field and aligning them with the company’s vision and direction. This introduction facilitated an essential connection between the newcomers and the company’s top management, fostering a sense of teamwork and belonging.

Ooredoo Kuwait’s employment program is designed to offer diverse career paths and professional growth opportunities. New recruits are placed across various departments and divisions, allowing them to explore different fields and carve their unique career trajectories within the company.

The program is a testament to Ooredoo Kuwait’s focus on long-term sustainability and workforce development. It represents a collaborative effort between government institutions and the private sector to enable the workforce to contribute significantly to Kuwait’s growth and prosperity. In line with this, a notable percentage of management and leadership roles within Ooredoo Kuwait are occupied by Kuwaiti youth, with over 90% of leadership and managerial positions currently held by local talents.

Ooredoo Kuwait is also dedicated to promoting a culture of diversity and equal opportunities. The company’s Human Resources department plays a pivotal role in supporting these strategic goals, providing employment opportunities for high-caliber individuals, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. This commitment aligns with Ooredoo’s sustainability strategy and contributes to its leadership and growth in the region.

The company’s approach to talent acquisition and development focuses on offering attractive and equal employment opportunities to all aspiring young individuals. Ooredoo Kuwait encourages internal mobility, allowing employees to experience different roles and responsibilities, which contributes to their professional growth and the company’s overall excellence in service.

In summary, Ooredoo Kuwait’s employment program is a significant step in nurturing local talent, enhancing technological expertise, and ensuring a fair, inclusive, and diverse workplace. This initiative not only supports the company’s strategic objectives but also plays a crucial role in the broader context of Kuwait’s development and digital transformation.

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