Sheikh Mohammed’s UAE Coding Initiative Gains Global Recognition with UNESCO Adoption

The United Arab Emirates’ commitment to fostering digital innovation and education has received global acknowledgment with the announcement that UNESCO has adopted two significant dates proposed by the UAE. October 29, which marks the launch of Dubai Internet City, will now be celebrated internationally as the day of coding, while March 19 will be recognized as the international day for digital education.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, shared the news on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, emphasizing the importance of these fields in the UAE’s development strategy. The selection of October 29 aligns with the UAE Codes day established in 2021 to appreciate the contributions of coders, and also commemorates the establishment of Dubai Internet City in 1999.

The UAE has been a pioneer in integrating technology into its vision for the future, preparing its population for the evolution of the workplace through various initiatives. The One Million Arab Coders initiative, launched in 2017, is one such program aimed at providing youth with essential skills for the digital age.

July 2021 saw the introduction of the National Programme for Coders, a collaboration with tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, to enhance coding capabilities among the youth. This ambitious initiative strives to train 100,000 coders, support the creation of 1,000 tech companies with a global reach, and quadruple start-up investments.

In a groundbreaking move, Abu Dhabi inaugurated a unique coding school in October 2021 that operates without traditional teachers or classrooms. This school is part of the 42 Network and represents the first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf region.

Coding and digital skills remain at the forefront of the global job market’s future demands. The UAE’s endeavors, backed by Sheikh Mohammed’s vision, are shaping a future where technology and digital literacy are foundational to the nation’s ongoing success and international influence.

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