Oman’s Ministry of Transport Advances National Digital Economy Programme

Digital Economy

Eng. Said Hamoud Al Maawali, Oman’s Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, has reaffirmed the ministry’s commitment to implementing the directives of His Majesty the Sultan by accelerating the programs under the National Digital Economy Programme (NDP).

This initiative is part of Oman’s strategic effort to build and develop a robust digital economy, aligning with Oman Vision 2040 and national governance standards.

In a conversation with the Oman News Agency (ONA), Al Maawali elaborated on the NDP’s medium and long-term goals, emphasizing the creation of national industries within the digital economy. The programme focuses on increasing in-country value (ICV) and creating sustainable, income-generating opportunities. It also involves forming strategic partnerships with private sector institutions, aiming to foster a collaborative and innovative digital environment.

The Minister highlighted Oman’s engagement with global technological advancements, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Oman has been actively involved in several AI projects and has updated its policies and legislations to ensure the effective utilization of AI and other advanced technologies.

Addressing the issue of net zero emissions, Al Maawali underlined the Ministry’s determination to work alongside partners to enhance efforts in reducing carbon emissions. This commitment forms part of Oman’s broader environmental strategy, aligning with global environmental goals and sustainable development initiatives.

This move by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology signifies Oman’s dedication to embracing digital transformation and technological innovation, positioning the Sultanate as a forward-thinking nation in the digital economy arena. The focus on AI, strategic private sector partnerships, and environmental sustainability underscores Oman’s holistic approach to national development and progress.

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