Tunisie Telecom Partners with Telepin for Converged Charging System

Tunisie Telecom, the national operator of Tunisia, has entered into a partnership with Telepin, a mobile transaction platform, to launch a converged charging system for its customers. The primary goal of this partnership is to consolidate Tunisie Telecom’s charging system, which is currently fragmented across various suppliers, into Telepin’s unified platform.

Telepin’s converged charging platform is expected to enhance the customer experience by offering a more integrated and secure method for mobile and landline top-ups. The system is specifically designed to cater to all of Tunisie Telecom’s charging requirements, including the migration of legacy vouchers to the generation of on-demand e-vouchers. This integration is anticipated to facilitate a seamless transition and improve service quality for Tunisie Telecom’s extensive customer base, which includes over six million subscribers comprising both individuals and companies. Tunisie Telecom provides a broad spectrum of services, including fixed and mobile telecommunications, data centers, cloud services, IoT, and managed security.

Telepin, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, has a significant regional presence in the Middle East, the UK, Tanzania, and Tunisia. The company serves major operators across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. It boasts the capability to deliver, install, and commission its systems, including necessary integrations with third-party entities like banks, billers, merchants, and agents. Telepin’s relationship with Tunisie Telecom dates back to 2007, marking a long-standing collaboration.

This partnership signifies a strategic move for Tunisie Telecom, aiming to streamline its services and enhance customer satisfaction through advanced technological solutions offered by Telepin.

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