UAE’s Thuraya Partners with AnsuR Technologies for Advanced Video Solutions

The United Arab Emirates’ Thuraya Telecommunications Company has formed a partnership with Norway-based AnsuR Technologies, a move designed to enhance the capabilities of businesses globally. This collaboration focuses on leveraging Asmira, AnsuR’s advanced video compression technology. Asmira offers a versatile, network-agnostic software solution tailored for video streaming from remote locations and is designed to cater to a wide range of use cases​​.

Enhancing ISR and Safety Solutions

As part of Al Yah Satellite Communications Company’s (Yahsat) strategy, this partnership addresses the growing market demand for Video and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. These solutions are crucial for improved situational awareness and enhanced safety and security. The Asmira video compression technology is beneficial in efficiently utilizing available bandwidth and ensuring high-quality video streaming even under bandwidth constraints​​.

Diverse Application and Benefits

Harald Skinnemoen, Founder, Chairman, and CTO of AnsuR, highlighted the diverse applications of Asmira technology. It encompasses a broad spectrum of use cases, including special operations, ISR, unmanned aerial vehicles, vessels, vehicles, border monitoring and control, and the surveillance of critical infrastructure. The technology ensures efficient use of bandwidth and optimizes video for low data rate transfer, which can be crucial in rapid decision-making scenarios​​.

Expanding Global Reach

Sulaiman Al Ali, Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized that this partnership with AnsuR exemplifies Yahsat and Thuraya’s commitment to staying ahead of market trends. By integrating AnsuR’s suite of advanced video compression technologies into Yahsat’s global distribution network, the partnership aims to expand the reach and benefits of Asmira to a broader array of end-users​​.

This strategic alliance between Thuraya and AnsuR Technologies represents a significant step forward in enhancing global telecommunications and surveillance capabilities, offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of various sectors.

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