Dialog Axiata’s 5G Advancements Transform Sri Lanka’s Telecommunications

Dialog Axiata PLC, a leader in South Asian telecommunications, has been at the forefront of 5G technology since its first demonstration in 2018. Recently, they have enabled over 200,000 Sri Lankans to experience 5G through their expansive trial network, which is recognized as the largest in Sri Lanka.

Expansive 5G Trial Network

Dialog’s 5G trial network covers over 70 locations across Sri Lanka, including major cities like Colombo. It offers users unprecedented download and upload speeds of up to 1Gbps. This extensive coverage is part of Dialog’s commitment to advancing technological innovation in the nation and the region.

Enhanced User Experience

To celebrate this achievement, Dialog is offering users with 5G-compatible devices a monthly free data allocation of 5GB. This initiative allows customers to explore the full potential of 5G technology. The company’s focus on customer experience is evident in their efforts to provide seamless connectivity and high-speed internet access.

5G Roaming Services

Dialog has also expanded its services to include 5G roaming, partnering with over 100 operators in more than 50 destinations worldwide, including India. This development enables Dialog Roaming customers to enjoy seamless 5G connectivity even when traveling abroad.

Dialog’s 5G Milestones

Dialog’s journey with 5G includes several milestones like the first-ever trial of Voice over 5G (VoNR) service in Sri Lanka, enabling 5G for Apple iPhone users in the region, and the deployment of the region’s first 5G Standalone (SA) network trial.

A Commitment to Technological Leadership

Dialog continues to drive innovation in Sri Lanka’s telecommunications sector, keeping pace with global technological advancements. Their efforts in developing a robust 5G network demonstrate their commitment to delivering ‘The Future. Today.’ and maintaining their position as a leading technology provider in the region.

Dialog’s proactive approach in adopting and implementing 5G technology reflects a larger vision of transforming the communication landscape in Sri Lanka. By providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions, Dialog is not only enhancing the user experience but also contributing significantly to the digital transformation of the nation.

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