Robi Axiata Unveils High-Tech Digital Services Subsidiary

Dhaka, Bangladesh – In a significant move to bolster the digital services landscape, Robi Axiata’s new subsidiary, Axentec PLC, officially commenced operations on Monday, positioning itself as a key player in offering cutting-edge digital solutions and services. This strategic initiative aims to cater to both the domestic Bangladesh market and the global arena, marking a pivotal shift in Robi’s business trajectory.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Digital Solutions

Axentec PLC emerges as a spinoff from Robi’s ICT services subsidiary, Reddot Digital. The newly formed entity is set to focus on a wide array of IT solutions and services tailored for corporate and SME businesses. Leveraging the robust connectivity infrastructure of Robi Axiata, Axentec is poised to deliver an array of ICT-based business solutions, ranging from bespoke to ready-made packages.

Expanding Services Beyond Connectivity

In line with the strategic decision disclosed in a Robi Axiata stock exchange filing in July 2023, Axentec PLC will now spearhead sales, distribution, and marketing services for a comprehensive suite of digital solutions. This includes connectivity, IT & ICT solutions, digital services, software, applications, and hardware. The portfolio extends to data center services, cloud infrastructure, IoT, and cybersecurity, ensuring a holistic digital services experience for clients.

Robi Cloud Services: A Game Changer

Among the innovative offerings, Axentec has launched ROBI Cloud services. These services boast robust security, backup, disaster recovery options, and real-time collaboration capabilities, offered on a flexible pay-as-you-go model. This initiative underscores Axentec’s commitment to providing scalable and secure cloud solutions to its clientele.

Leadership and Vision

The helm of Axentec is led by CEO and MD Adil Hossain Noble, appointed last month. Noble’s vision for Axentec centers around being a catalyst for business agility and future readiness. He emphasizes the importance of data center solutions in fostering connectivity and innovation, focusing on reliability, security, and scalability.

Empowering Businesses with Digital Transformation

Axentec’s solution portfolio covers an extensive range of services from cloud and data center solutions to AI, data analytics, blockchain, cyber security, ERP solutions, workplace solutions, and IoT. The company’s offerings are designed to streamline business operations, enhance productivity, and improve communication via mobile devices, encompassing mobile apps for project management, CRM software, mobile payment systems, ERP platforms, and customized cybersecurity applications.

Setting a New Standard in Digital Services

Robi Axiata’s strategic move to launch Axentec PLC marks a new era in its business model. By creating a subsidiary focused exclusively on high-tech digital solutions and services, Robi Axiata is not only expanding its reach but also setting a new standard in digital services. Axentec’s emergence is a testament to Robi’s foresight in recognizing and adapting to the dynamic needs of the digital era. With a comprehensive portfolio and a vision for the future, Axentec is all set to make a significant impact in the digital services sector, both in Bangladesh and internationally.

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