Umniah Spearheads Innovation with VoWi-Fi and AI Partnerships in Jordan

Jordanian telecom operator Umniah has made a groundbreaking move by launching the Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) service, a first in Jordan’s telecom sector. This innovative service enables subscribers to make calls over any Wi-Fi network, ensuring clear communication even in areas with poor cellular coverage.

Revolutionizing Communication with VoWi-Fi

VoWi-Fi by Umniah is a game-changer for mobile communication in Jordan. It leverages Wi-Fi networks to provide high-quality voice services, resolving issues faced in regions with limited cellular connectivity. This service offers numerous benefits, including enhanced voice quality, dependable connections, data usage savings, and reduced battery consumption. “With VoWi-Fi, our customers can experience smooth transitions between mobile and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring uninterrupted communication,” said Umniah in an official statement.

Umniah’s Strategic MoU with Intella

In addition to the VoWi-Fi launch, Umniah has also partnered with Intella, a leading data intelligence technology firm in the MENA region, to revolutionize customer service using AI-driven Arabic speech-to-text technology. This collaboration aims to transform customer service centers by accurately transcribing Arabic dialects into text for efficient analysis and response. “Our partnership with Intella signifies our commitment to enhancing customer experiences using cutting-edge technology,” stated Umniah.

Enhancing Customer Service with AI Technology

Umniah’s corporate clients will benefit significantly from the integration of Intella’s AI technology into their customer service operations. The tool’s high accuracy in converting spoken Arabic into written text across various dialects enables swift decision-making and reporting. The partnership is set to elevate the operational efficiency and customer experience in Jordanian companies and institutions.

Umniah’s Dedication to Technological Advancements

Umniah’s recent initiatives highlight its dedication to bringing the latest technologies and services to its subscribers. “Our focus is to continually provide innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our customers, and these recent developments are a testament to that commitment,” commented Umniah.

The Future of Telecom in Jordan

With these advancements, Umniah is paving the way for a new era of telecom services in Jordan, focusing on technological innovation and customer-centric solutions. The company’s efforts in introducing VoWi-Fi and partnering with AI tech firms like Intella are steps towards a digitally advanced future for Jordan’s telecom sector.

In conclusion, Umniah’s launch of VoWi-Fi and its collaboration with Intella mark significant milestones in Jordan’s telecom industry. These initiatives not only enhance communication quality and efficiency but also position Umniah as a leader in technological innovation, setting a precedent for the future of telecom services in the region.

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