Tadoom and China Telecom Forge Alliance to Fortify Oman’s Security Infrastructure with “Tadoom Vision” CCTV Platform

In a groundbreaking move, Tadoom, a leading smart city solutions provider, has unveiled a strategic partnership with China Telecom to introduce an innovative AI-driven CCTV management platform in Oman. This transformative venture, dubbed “Tadoom Vision,” represents a significant leap forward in the realm of security infrastructure.

Developed collaboratively by Tadoom and China Telecom, leveraging the cutting-edge technology of China Telecom’s “More Vision” CCTV platform, Tadoom Vision is set to be seamlessly integrated into Oman’s national cloud infrastructure.

The versatility of the CCTV platform knows no bounds, catering to diverse applications and industries. Initially, Tadoom Vision will focus on bolstering home security and revolutionizing smart campus environments.

Promising round-the-clock surveillance with uninterrupted cloud storage, Tadoom Vision offers intelligent features such as unauthorized intrusion detection and one-click alarms, ensuring heightened safety measures for homeowners.

For educational institutions embracing the concept of smart campuses, Tadoom Vision serves as a comprehensive solution. It manages on-campus personnel, implements access control through facial recognition, conducts attendance checks, monitors unfamiliar individuals or vehicles, and promptly alerts authorities to potential security threats, including intrusions into sensitive areas like rooftops or lakes.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Tadoom’s CCTV solution boasts unparalleled image clarity, flexible multi-terminal support, and sophisticated analysis and recognition capabilities. The system is characterized by its simplicity, openness, stability, and, above all, its robust security measures.

Tadoom’s commitment to fostering public-private partnerships and spearheading smart city initiatives in Oman is evident. With an extensive portfolio comprising approximately 500,000 IoT devices and a nationwide LoRaWAN network, Tadoom is at the forefront of ushering in a new era of security and efficiency in urban landscapes.

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