Kaspersky Partners with Moroccan School to Promote Cybersecurity Awareness among Families

Family Day Event

Rabat – In an era where the younger generation displays a significant interest in gadgets, Kaspersky, an international cybersecurity firm, has collaborated with the Cadi Ayad school in Casablanca to host a “Family Day” aimed at educating children about the importance of information technology.

The event, held under the theme “Together for a Better Online Protection of Children and Youth in Morocco,” featured an interactive workshop conducted by the Kaspersky team. During the simulation, designed to raise awareness among students about internet risks, parents assumed the role of online assistants at home.

Victor Martins Fidalgo, Kaspersky’s Consumer Global Account Manager, explained the objective of sensitizing children to avoid internet risks as they increasingly use smartphones in the future, in an interview with Morocco World News (MWN).

Youssef Bentaleb, Director of the National Campaign Against Cybercrime, also emphasized the dual nature of the internet as a communication and entertainment tool fraught with online risks.

Highlighting concerning statistics on cybersecurity, including the fact that nine out of ten children have daily access to smartphones, the Kaspersky team underscored the relevance of addressing these issues for youth.

The presentation shed light on parental concerns and knowledge gaps regarding their children’s internet usage, revealing that 88% of Moroccan parents have never installed security software to monitor their children’s online activities.

Moroccan lawmakers’ attention to cybersecurity was noted, citing law N° 103-13, enacted in 2018, which addresses cyber crimes, discrimination against women, sexual assault, and harassment.

The presentation warned against various internet risks such as scamming and online harassment, offering tips for staying safe online, including reporting inappropriate content to parents, safeguarding personal passwords, and being cautious of deceptive messages.

Furthermore, advice extended beyond the virtual realm, urging moderation in screen time and promoting activities that do not involve gadgets to mitigate the impact of screen exposure on eyes.

Parents were encouraged to actively engage with their children online, utilizing parental control software like Kaspersky Safe Kids to filter explicit content and monitor their children’s online activities.

Emphasizing the importance of antivirus protection and cautious internet browsing, Kaspersky representatives recommended Kaspersky Safe Kids software for comprehensive protection, including geolocation monitoring.

Gladys Salmouth, Kaspersky’s Corporate Communication Manager, endorsed Kaspersky Safe Kids as a versatile tool for keeping children safe online, including geolocation tracking for added protection.

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