Microsoft Africa Partners with Zindi to Boost AI Expertise

Microsoft Africa and Zindi, Africa’s leading AI community, have launched a partnership aimed at nurturing artificial intelligence (AI) expertise across the continent. This initiative will equip the next generation of young, tech-savvy Africans with the skills needed for the future workforce, marking a significant advancement in digital education within Africa. Celina Lee, co-founder and CEO of Zindi, highlighted that this partnership is designed to address the digital skills gap across Africa.

Zimbabwe’s Ambitious Clean Energy Transition

Zimbabwe is striving to become a key player in the clean energy transition through the development of lithium battery refineries. As the electric vehicle and essential electronics industries grow, the Zimbabwean government is urging miners to establish facilities to meet the global demand. However, there are debates about the nation’s readiness to embark on this industrial journey.

China’s Investment in Algeria’s Infrastructure

Amidst its vast landscape and socio-political challenges, Algeria is making strides towards economic progress with significant investments from China. The China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has completed the Bejaia highway, Algeria’s second-largest highway project, demonstrating China’s commitment to the country’s infrastructure development and economic growth.

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