A vibrant scene showcasing the partnership between Madayn and Sadad Electronic Payment Gateway. The image features self-service payment machines at Ma

Madayn Partners with Sadad to Enhance Electronic Payment Services for Investors

Madayn has partnered with Sadad Electronic Payment Gateway to introduce electronic payment services for investors and business owners. This agreement includes installing self-service payment machines at Masar Service Centres, promoting digital transformation, and enhancing user experience. The partnership also involves training national cadres and providing maintenance opportunities for SMEs.

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A vibrant scene depicting a modern co-working space in Bahrain's Seef district. The image features entrepreneurs collaborating, using laptops and digital

Zain Bahrain and HQ by Hope Partner to Boost Bahrain’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

HQ by Hope, Bahrain’s largest co-working space, has partnered with Zain Bahrain to support the growth of Bahrain’s entrepreneurial community. This collaboration aims to empower startups and SMEs through flexible workspaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive business support, fostering innovation and creating a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bahrain.

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