Moroccan Startup Forcelog Enhances E-commerce Logistics with Tailored Delivery Solutions

The rise of e-commerce across the continent is fueling demand for logistics services, including last-mile delivery. To address this need, Moroccan tech entrepreneur Anas Bouziane founded Forcelog in 2021. Based in Casablanca, Forcelog offers e-commerce merchants and business professionals a platform to deliver orders or packages to their customers.

While there is currently no mobile app, users can access Forcelog’s services through its website. To start, users must sign up by clicking the “Become a client” button and filling out a form with their name, company name, email address, and the city where their company’s headquarters are located. After registration, users gain access to a workspace to manage their activities with Forcelog.

“Our services include free pickup from your store or storage facility without a minimum quantity, storage in our facilities until orders are triggered by your customers, product preparation and packaging if necessary, and finally the shipping and delivery of parcels to the customer’s address,” explains Forcelog.

Forcelog delivers to 240 destinations within Morocco, offering 24-hour delivery times for major cities like Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakech, and two-day delivery for smaller towns. Users can track deliveries in real-time from their workspace through the tracking system. Prices start at 18 Moroccan dirhams (about $1.81) per delivered order.

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