Bahrain Network (BNET) Announces Transition to Ultra-High-Speed Fiber Networks

A modern telecommunications infrastructure scene with fiber optic cables being installed. The background includes a technician working on the installation

Bahrain Network (BNET), the kingdom’s leading telecommunications infrastructure provider, has announced the launch of its new project to transition all copper internet networks to ultra-high-speed fiber networks. This strategic move aligns with the Sixth National Telecommunications Plan (NTP6) and BNET’s goal to position Bahrain as a prominent digital hub in the region by delivering gigabit-speed broadband internet access.

BNET’s project aims to migrate 100% of existing copper customers to fiber optic services, increasing fiber penetration by 15%. This will provide high-speed fixed broadband to meet the needs of individuals and businesses across the kingdom. BNET asserts that this initiative will significantly enhance the internet experience for residents and businesses, solidifying Bahrain’s reputation as a leader in internet speed.

During the project period, licensed operators will contact copper line customers to schedule their fiber optic line upgrade appointments before disconnecting copper lines. Fiber optic internet users will benefit from significantly faster download and upload speeds, consistent and reliable connectivity, smoother streaming, high-definition video viewing, and lag-free online gaming.

Chief Technical Officer Dr. Mohamed Tayeb Mahmood stated, “The nationwide fiber optic upgrade project represents a significant leap forward for Bahrain’s digital infrastructure. By providing high-speed, reliable internet to residents and businesses, we are empowering them to fully participate in the digital economy and unlocking a world of new possibilities.”

Project Manager Engineer Mohamed Humaid added, “Upgrading your connection to fiber optic is an investment in your digital future. We’ve designed this project with user convenience in mind. The retail service providers will be readily available to address any questions and guide you through the upgrade process. We’re confident that transitioning to fiber will dramatically enhance your internet experience.”

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