Bangladesh Plans Fourth Underwater Cable by 2028 to Meet Growing Bandwidth Demand

An underwater scene showcasing a modern underwater cable being installed. The scene includes vibrant marine life and clear blue water, with a focus on

To address the country’s increasing bandwidth needs, Bangladesh plans to install a fourth underwater cable by 2028, followed by a fifth in 2033.

The availability of the internet has significantly expanded its user base from four million in 2008 to over 12.9 million as of the end of January. Consequently, Bangladesh’s internet density has surged to 75.12%, up from 2.7% in 2008. Finance Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali shared this information while presenting the budget in Parliament on Thursday.

He highlighted that the goal of Digital Bangladesh has led to the employment of 2 million youths in the IT sector over the past 15 years. By reducing the cost of internet access, the government has fostered the growth of web-based employment and business opportunities.

In 2008, the minimum price of fixed internet bandwidth per Mbps was Tk27,000, but it has now dropped to just Tk60, he added.

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