Madayn Launches New Interface for ‘Murasalat’ Digital Document Management System

A modern digital document management system interface displayed on a computer screen in an office setting. The interface shows organized folders and d

Oman’s Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn) has introduced the new interface of its ‘Murasalat’ System, designed for efficient digital document management. This system, officially certified by the National Intellectual Property Office at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion, operates with two main interfaces for managing correspondences and documents in accordance with the National Procedures Manual for Electronic Documents issued by the National Records and Archives Authority in 2013.

The launch of the updated interface underscores Madayn’s dedication to digital transformation, aligning with the national vision and the unified Government Digital Transformation Programme led by the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology. Madayn’s ongoing efforts in this domain have been recognized through consistent progress in evaluations conducted by the Ministry over the past two years.

Najma Al Amri, Director of the Documents Department at Madayn, highlighted that the Murasalat System offers a variety of user features, including electronic signature and stamping. The system adheres to the standards of the National Records and Archives Authority and the approved data classification criteria.

“The system is divided into two interfaces. The first interface is dedicated to managing correspondences, enabling users to handle all current procedures and operations, such as creating, adding, and approving internal and external transactions. It also facilitates the exchange of documents between relevant parties and provides essential tools for searching correspondences, tracking tasks, and generating reports,” explained Al Amri.

She further detailed that the second interface functions as a record management system, focusing on storing and classifying documents according to retention schedules approved by the National Records and Archives Authority. It also manages electronic storage during the intermediate period until the end point.

Additionally, Al Amri noted that a mobile application has been activated and linked to the system, enabling employees to complete assigned tasks remotely.

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