UAE Telecom Subscriptions Rise to 27.09 Million by End of March

A vibrant urban landscape of the UAE with prominent city landmarks, showcasing digital connectivity. The scene includes people using smartphones, tablets

The number of telecommunications service subscriptions in the UAE, including mobile phone, internet, and fixed-line services, rose to 27.09 million by the end of March. Recent data from the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority revealed an annual increase of approximately 989,000 subscriptions, or 3.78%, compared to 26.10 million at the end of March 2023.

Mobile phone subscriptions accounted for about 78.1% of the total number of subscribers at the end of March, while fixed phone subscriptions made up 7.1%, and internet subscriptions accounted for 14.8%.

The number of active mobile phone subscriptions increased by 3.7% year-on-year to 21.15 million, compared to about 20.39 million, an increase of 760,000 subscriptions. The service penetration rate reached about 226.6 lines per 100 people.

Mobile prepaid subscriptions reached 16.30 million, an increase of 2% compared to 16.038 million in March 2023. Mobile postpaid subscriptions rose to about 4.84 million, an increase of 11% compared to about 4.35 million.

Broadband internet subscriptions reached approximately 4.010 million by the end of March, with a penetration rate of 43 subscriptions per 100 people.

Data from the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority also indicated that fixed-line telephone subscriptions reached 1.92 million by the end of March, with a service penetration rate of about 20.7 lines per 100 people.

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