Orange Jordan Launches 5G Agriculture Bootcamp to Boost Sustainable Farming

A vibrant scene of a sustainable agriculture landscape in Jordan, featuring advanced technologies like drones, 5G antennas, and farmers using digital

Over the past two months, 18 innovators, 5G experts, entrepreneurs, and students participating in the 5G Agriculture Bootcamp have enhanced their capabilities in adopting novel technologies to promote sustainable agriculture. This initiative by Orange Jordan aims to preserve natural resources, enhance farmers’ productivity, and adapt to various social contexts.

The training program marks a significant milestone in technology-based agriculture, contributing to Jordan’s development in this crucial field. Graduates of the program will pioneer efforts to overcome pressing agricultural challenges, such as combating desert locusts, which affect production and food security. The new technologies introduced during the bootcamp will reshape sustainable agriculture, leading to improvements in food security, economic growth, and job creation, especially for farmers in affected areas.

The participation of startups in the bootcamp is a key milestone, enabling entrepreneurs to establish projects and businesses centered around the agricultural sector. Orange Jordan emphasized the increasing importance of technology in driving economic growth and is committed to digitally empowering young men and women to lead positive change with the support of artificial intelligence, 5G, and other advanced technologies.

The 5G Agriculture Bootcamp was launched by Orange Jordan to equip participants with knowledge on the best solutions to combat desert locusts through technology. The closing ceremony showcased innovative ideas, culminating the efforts to promote sustainable agriculture.

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