AWS Launches Initiatives to Promote Gender Diversity in Tech Sector at Dubai Event

AWS STEM Initiatives

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced two groundbreaking initiatives to advance gender diversity in the technology sector. These programs were unveiled during the “TheNewSySTEM: Reshaping the Tech Landscape” event held in Dubai.

The first initiative, named “Qudwatech,” is a 12-week mentorship program aimed at nurturing women in technology at all career stages. Powered by AWS mentors, this program will offer opportunities for professional growth, inspiring and challenging women either entering the tech field or seeking to enhance their skills.

In addition, AWS has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Business Women Council to launch a second program spanning one year. This program targets mid- to senior-level women and provides comprehensive training, mentorship, and upskilling with a strong focus on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Nadine Halabi of DBWC expressed her delight, stating, “We’re delighted to see entities like AWS take such a proactive role in reshaping the regional tech landscape.”

Tanuja Randery, AWS Vice President for EMEA, emphasized the significance of the MoU, describing it as a pivotal step toward advancing gender diversity. She highlighted that these programs enable AWS to launch targeted initiatives empowering women at various career stages in the technology field.

The launch event witnessed the presence of influential figures such as Safaa Khanfar of Emirates Group IT and Amna Al Redha of X Lab, underscoring the importance of these initiatives. Through offerings like “Culture of Innovation” training sessions, these programs aspire to encourage more women to actively participate in building the UAE’s tech sector. AWS’ commitment reflects its dedication to gender diversity and equal opportunities on a global scale.

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