Ooredoo Kuwait Celebrates Kuwaiti Women’s Day with Empowering Initiatives

A vibrant scene celebrating Kuwaiti Women's Day at Ooredoo Kuwait. The image features a diverse group of women in a modern office setting, engaging in

Kuwait City – Ooredoo Kuwait marked Kuwaiti Women’s Day on May 16th with impactful initiatives to honor and empower women within the company and the broader community. This celebration highlighted the invaluable contributions of Kuwaiti women and reinforced Ooredoo’s commitment to inclusion and female empowerment.

Recognizing Internal Talent

Ooredoo launched a campaign to recognize and appreciate its female Kuwaiti employees across various departments. The campaign spotlighted these women, emphasizing their significant roles in the company’s ongoing advancements and successes. By highlighting their contributions, Ooredoo aimed to inspire and motivate all employees, showcasing the invaluable impact of its female workforce.

Naser Al-Abdalla, Director of Marketing Communications & Social Media, stated, “At Ooredoo, we believe in a can-do attitude and are committed to helping everyone in the company move forward and contribute to our progress. Each employee can achieve their potential, and we firmly believe in the vital role of our female workers. Inclusion and diversity are crucial to our success.”

Inspirational Guest Speaker: Eng. Sondos Bushahri

Ooredoo hosted Engineer Sondos Bushahri, the new Managing Director of SAP Kuwait, who shared her inspiring success story in a podcast. With over 15 years of experience in leading multinational and Fortune 500 companies, Bushahri discussed her journey as a Kuwaiti woman in software engineering and conveyed her vision to encourage Kuwaiti women and the new generation to pursue and achieve their dreams.

“As a mom and female Kuwaiti, I overcame numerous obstacles to achieve my dreams in the technology industry. I turned obstacles into opportunities and pursued my passion for software engineering. I want to emphasize to the new generation that anything is possible if they believe in their dreams,” said Bushahri.

Bushahri also highlighted the importance of implementing Diversity & Inclusion in both private and public sector institutions, emphasizing the significance of equality within the work environment to empower Kuwaiti women.

Collaboration with Alnowair for Youth and Women Empowerment

Ooredoo Kuwait collaborated with Alnowair, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering positive behavioral change in Kuwaiti society. Ooredoo sponsored the final capacity-building workshop of the Young Women Leadership Initiative, held at the American University of Kuwait (AUK).

This nine-day workshop aimed to develop personal and leadership skills among young Kuwaiti women using applied theatre techniques. The program addressed key issues facing Kuwaiti women, providing them with the tools and support needed to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

A Holistic Approach to Skill Development, Female Empowerment, and Inclusion

Through its investment in the well-being and professional development of its female employees, Ooredoo Kuwait supports their growth and contributes to building a more diverse and inclusive society. By fostering an environment where women are recognized for their pivotal roles and encouraged to pursue their aspirations, Ooredoo reinforces its dedication to inclusivity.

The company remains committed to taking bold steps and initiatives that inspire growth among Kuwaiti youth and women. Through unconventional teaching methods and support programs, Ooredoo aims to cultivate confident and capable future leaders who can drive positive change in society.

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