Oman Unveils Largest E-Waste Recycling Facility to Combat Landfill Growth

pile of ewaste

The Sultanate of Oman has marked a significant step towards environmental sustainability with the inauguration of the nation’s largest electronic waste processing plant situated in Raysut Industrial City, Dhofar Governorate. The Evergreen Gulf Recycling Hub (EGRH), endowed with an impressive capacity of 20,000 tonnes per year, is poised to substantially reduce the country’s e-waste footprint.

Spanning over a 10,500 square meter area, EGRH stands as a beacon of modernity in the Gulf region’s recycling efforts. The facility, bolstered by Sparta Group, a Canadian environmental services powerhouse, is designed to maximize the recovery of recyclable materials from a broad spectrum of electronic waste.

The chairman, Shaikh Salim Ahmed Ali Shore Qatan, announced the full operational status of the plant, saying, “The Evergreen Gulf Recycling Hub is now actively coordinating the collection of e-waste from across Oman, facilitating the transport of this waste to our state-of-the-art facility in Salalah for processing.” He also highlighted the convenience of their mobile app, which invites companies and individuals to arrange for e-waste pickup.

EGRH recently penned a significant agreement with the Port of Duqm Company, signifying trust in EGRH’s capacity to effectively segregate waste at a molecular level using AI-driven technology. In addition, the plant offers an on-site shredding service for hard drives, ensuring the complete destruction of any residual data.

“Our mobile shredder, available 24/7, is ready to travel nationwide to securely eliminate confidential data directly at the customer’s premises,” the chairman stated. The E2MS management system at EGRH issues certificates and reports to validate the secure and authorized recycling of the e-waste handled.

The facility is adept at processing various e-waste forms, including but not limited to computers, home appliances, mobile phones, and more, with the outcome being the extraction of valuable materials such as metals, plastics, and circuit boards.

Sparta Group’s involvement as technical partners with EGRH ensures that the recycling operations meet high standards of privacy and efficiency, employing cutting-edge equipment and software systems.

The launch of EGRH represents a pivotal shift in Oman’s approach to handling e-waste, previously destined predominantly for landfills. This innovative hub is now set to redefine waste management and recycling in the region, resonating with Oman’s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

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