Riyadh Air Joins Forces with IBM to Revolutionize Travel Experience

Riyadh Air IBM MoU

Riyadh Air is set to embark on a transformative journey in the aviation industry with IBM (NYSE: IBM) as its wingman. The nascent airline, which eyes its inaugural flight in 2025, announced a strategic partnership with IBM Consulting, engaging the tech giant as the primary systems integrator to develop a robust technological foundation aimed at delivering unparalleled travel experiences.

The duo has already etched out Riyadh Air’s digital and technology roadmap. The strategy, now moving into execution with IBM Consulting at the helm, involves deploying over 50 industry solutions and establishing core technological functionalities. This intricate tapestry of solutions encompasses security, infrastructure, data platforms, and integration, all woven together through a hybrid cloud approach.

In what reflects a colossal coordination feat, IBM will not only implement these solutions but also orchestrate the collaboration of over 40 partners. This includes managing project timelines, ensuring quality standards, and overseeing change and communications management, among other responsibilities.

The alliance anticipates propelling Riyadh Air into a digital-first future, where AI and cutting-edge digital technologies create a tapestry of memorable moments for travelers. The emphasis on AI reflects a broader vision to provide a seamless and customized journey for guests while equipping Riyadh Air’s employees with the insights and tools necessary to elevate guest service to new heights.

Adam Boukadida, the Chief Financial Officer of Riyadh Air, remarked on the partnership, underscoring IBM Consulting’s proven track record in overseeing complex integrations and their expertise within the travel domain as pivotal reasons for their selection.

John Granger, Senior Vice President of IBM Consulting, expressed pride in supporting Riyadh Air’s ambitious foray into modern aviation. He emphasized that the infrastructure IBM is slated to build — rooted in an open, hybrid cloud strategy and amplified by AI — will provide the agility and flexibility required to create an exceptional travel experience.

IBM Consulting will also be tasked with establishing and maintaining Riyadh Air’s hybrid cloud integration platform. Powered by IBM CloudPak for Integration and Red Hat OpenShift, the platform will streamline the integration of applications and data across the organization.

The strategic move by Riyadh Air dovetails with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to place the Kingdom at the forefront of global aviation by leveraging its strategic geographic positioning. Riyadh Air’s pursuit of innovation and digital excellence stands as a testament to the Kingdom’s grander aspirations.

IBM Consulting, with its repertoire of facilitating business transformation through hybrid cloud and AI, brings to the table a rich history of industry expertise and collaborative innovation. With its formidable arsenal of 160,000 consultants and a unique co-creation method known as IBM Garage, the consultancy branch positions itself not just as an advisor but as a builder and co-inventor in its clients’ journeys toward technological advancement and security.

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