PureHealth and Dell Technologies Partner to Advance AI in Healthcare

Generative AI

In a groundbreaking move within the healthcare sector, UAE-based PureHealth has formed a strategic alliance with Dell Technologies to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) into a wide range of healthcare services. This partnership is set to transform early disease detection, medical data analysis, and the development of personalized treatment plans, thereby enhancing Abu Dhabi’s health ecosystem.

Both companies will leverage their combined expertise and cutting-edge technologies to foster better health outcomes and to streamline access to premier medical solutions and services. The goal is to bolster long-term health system preparedness and enhance agility in the face of evolving medical demands.

Through Dell’s innovative solutions, PureHealth is poised to elevate community wellbeing by providing enhanced patient experiences. Intelligent healthcare decision-making facilitated by GenAI is expected to significantly advance health research and outcomes.

The adoption of generative AI by PureHealth will bring a host of benefits, including improved accuracy in medical imaging, enhanced predictive analytics for potential disease outbreaks, and faster drug discovery processes. Ultimately, these advancements are geared towards creating an efficient, patient-focused healthcare environment.

The partnership was formalized by Junaid Khan, Chief Technology Officer at PureHealth, and Walid Yehia, General Manager for Dell Technologies UAE, in the presence of Michael Dell, the founder, chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, and Farhan Malik, Managing Director and CEO of PureHealth.

Khan expressed enthusiasm about the joint venture: “This transformative journey with Dell marks the beginning of a new healthcare era. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of healthcare with the power of GenAI is stronger than ever. This initiative aligns perfectly with our goal to enhance human health spans and will be integral to our digital shift to cloud-based healthcare.”

Walid Yehia highlighted the impact of GenAI across various sectors, emphasizing Dell’s role in aiding PureHealth to provide essential services. The collaboration is in line with PureHealth’s recent significant expansions, which include the acquisition of major healthcare groups in the US and the UK, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s vision of becoming a premier global hub for healthcare and life sciences.

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