Algerie Telecom Surpasses One Million FTTH Subscriptions


In an ambitious leap forward in digital connectivity, Algerie Telecom, the principal telecom operator in Algeria, has proudly announced a significant milestone: surpassing one million fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) subscriptions. Achieved within a span of less than four years, this accomplishment marks a steep rise from the modest count of approximately 50,000 subscribers back in early 2020.

The company, under its popular ‘Idoom’ brand for FTTH services, has witnessed an accelerated growth in subscription numbers. The service recently recorded its 900,000th subscriber in September, shortly after hitting the 800,000 mark in July. This remarkable growth trajectory aligns with the Algerian Government’s Action Plan on ICT, which places a high priority on the deployment of direct fibre access technology to promote a digitally inclusive society.

Algerie Telecom’s ambitious FTTH deployment program spans across the nation’s 58 provinces, targeting equitable internet connectivity. The initiative emphasizes reaching previously unconnected communities, especially within newly established cities and urban centers. In addition, it involves a comprehensive modernization of the existing copper network infrastructure. This transformative effort is set to gradually transition users from traditional xDSL broadband to the more advanced, high-speed FTTH connections.

The expansion of FTTH services not only reflects Algerie Telecom’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications technology but also supports the government’s vision of fostering a digitally empowered economy and society.

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