Telenor Pakistan Launches 8th ‘Naya Aghaaz’ Program for Women’s Workforce Re-entry

In a bid to promote workforce diversity and support women’s career continuity, Telenor Pakistan has commenced the 8th iteration of its acclaimed ‘Naya Aghaaz’ program. This corporate initiative is dedicated to providing a platform for women who have had to step away from their professional paths due to personal commitments or family responsibilities, offering them a chance to step back into the corporate realm.

The ‘Naya Aghaaz’ program, which originally launched in 2014, has been a beacon of hope for many, representing Telenor’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment. This year’s batch began with an intensive two-day boot camp designed to ease the transition back into the workforce. The selected participants are offered a comprehensive 9-month paid internship that acquaints them with various departments within the company, simultaneously offering mentorship and training to refine their professional capabilities.

During the boot camp, the participants engaged in various developmental sessions encompassing skills from problem-solving using design thinking to understanding the importance of integrity and whistleblowing. These sessions are integral to the program as they also reinforce Telenor’s underlying values and team-centric culture.

Areej Khan, the Chief People Officer at Telenor Pakistan, took the opportunity to inspire the attendees with an address on the value of programs like ‘Naya Aghaaz’, which contribute significantly to the societal empowerment of women. Khan highlighted Telenor’s endeavors in nurturing an environment that not only values diversity but also actively invests in the growth and development of its female associates.

Through ‘Naya Aghaaz’, Telenor Pakistan continues to establish itself as a leader in corporate social responsibility, challenging the norms and providing tangible opportunities to reintegrate talented women back into the professional world, thereby reinforcing the organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and empowerment.

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