Expands Digital Ecosystem Across MENA Region

Sharjah, UAE:, a digital ecosystem based in Sharjah specializing in logistics services and recyclable trading, has announced its ambitious expansion plans across the MENA region. This expansion includes establishing a network of regional offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey.

The company operates two key digital platforms. The first, ‘ market,’ facilitates the trading of various recyclables like paper, e-waste, and plastics. It has become a crucial hub for businesses to manage waste more efficiently and extract value from it, witnessing over 400 bids each month. The second platform, ‘ collect,’ offers a range of logistics services, including home moving, B2B logistics, truck rentals, and cross-border shipments. Recently, it has added a service for renting earthmoving equipment, aiding construction projects.

Salim Al Owais, CEO of, commented on the regional expansion: “Our success in the UAE and contribution to local economies have encouraged us to establish new offices in Abu Dhabi and Dammam, Saudi Arabia, with further plans for Jeddah, Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan. Our goal is to enhance local and regional economies by promoting sustainability and fostering business relationships.”

Al Owais emphasized the importance of digitalization in modern business operations and noted that’s expansion allows businesses in multiple countries to digitize their operations efficiently and cost-effectively.

In 2023, has surpassed its 2022 performance metrics. ‘ market’ achieved transactions exceeding AED 100 million and facilitated the buying and selling of over 100,000 tonnes of materials last year. In the first half of 2023, the platform recorded transactions of over AED 150 million and traded over 130,000 tonnes of material. Similarly, ‘ collect’ saw a 150% increase in trips and a 15% rise in users, showcasing its growing appeal for convenient and affordable logistics services.

This geographical expansion signifies’s commitment to driving sustainability and digital innovation in the logistics and recycling sectors across the MENA region.

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