Sri Lanka’s TRCSL Launches SIM Card Registration Verification Programme

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) has announced a comprehensive nationwide programme aimed at enabling citizens to verify the registration of their mobile SIM cards with their respective mobile network operators (MNOs). This initiative is part of a broader effort to ensure the secure and responsible use of mobile telecommunications in the country.

In an official statement, the government disclosed that the first phase of this verification programme is set to roll out in the Kandy district from 13 November to 18 November. During this period, the public is encouraged to check the registration status of their mobile SIM cards and the companies they are registered with. This can be done by simply dialling #132# from their mobile devices, which will provide them with the necessary information regarding their SIM card registration.

The government has emphasized the importance of this programme, particularly in light of increasing concerns about the misuse of mobile numbers for unlawful activities. It has issued a stern warning that individuals who fail to update their mobile SIM card registrations could potentially face liabilities if their mobile numbers are found to be involved in any illegal activities.

This move by the TRCSL underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the security of digital communications and protecting citizens from being inadvertently associated with criminal activities. The programme not only aims to bring more transparency and accountability in the use of mobile services but also seeks to foster a safer telecommunication environment in Sri Lanka.

The government has urged all mobile users to participate in this verification process and stay compliant with the regulatory requirements, thus contributing to the national effort of maintaining a secure and responsible telecommunication network.

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