TRA Oman Encourages Users to Activate VoLTE for Enhanced Calling Experience

TRA Oman

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has recently emphasized the importance of activating voice calling over 4G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) networks for mobile users. This comes as a part of the authority’s broader initiative to phase out 3G services and transition fully to more advanced network technologies.

VoLTE differs from traditional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services in that it uses the 4G LTE network instead of Wi-Fi to transmit voice data. This technology enables users to make calls using the internet while still utilizing their standard phone numbers. These calls are treated as regular phone minutes by cell service providers, most of whom now support VoLTE. Notably, VoLTE functions efficiently even in areas with a strong data signal.

In anticipation of the gradual discontinuation of 3G services starting next year, the TRA is urging users to activate VoLTE on all their devices. This transition is aimed at improving the quality of voice communication over the 4G networks. As 4G technology becomes more prevalent, devices limited to 3G and 2G capabilities will gradually become obsolete. Users of these older devices will likely need to upgrade to newer models that are compatible with the evolving telecommunication services.

The TRA’s decision to halt 3G services by July 2024 is part of its strategy to optimize the use of natural resources, such as the frequency band spectrum. This move is also seen as an investment in modern technologies, aiming to focus on delivering higher quality services to users. This shift reflects the ongoing global trend towards more efficient and higher-capacity telecommunication networks, marking a significant step in the digital evolution of communication technologies.

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