World Radio Conference 2023 Hosted by the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, through the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), is hosting the 2023 World Radio Conference (ITU WRC-23) at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event, spanning from November 20 to December 15, 2023, is a pivotal gathering held every three to four years. It aims to review and revise the Radio Regulations, an international treaty governing radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits.

Global Collaboration and Discussions

ITU WRC-23 assembles government authorities, telecommunication regulators, and representatives from various sectors for crucial policy and technical discussions. The conference’s broad agenda includes rules for optimal radio wave applications, influencing diverse fields from education to climate monitoring.

Focus on Sustainable Development

The conference emphasizes the importance of radio frequencies in advanced communication, highlighting their role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This global platform fosters collaboration among governments, private sector, academia, and technical organizations to establish fair, stable regulation and spur investment and innovation. The UN Secretary-General underlines the significance of this collaboration for inclusive progress and bridging the digital divide.

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