Morocco Leads Africa’s Technological Advancements

Morocco has emerged as the leader in Africa’s technology sector, surpassing countries like South Africa, Egypt, and Kenya, according to Monkey Insider. Based on the World Intellectual Property Organization’s data, Morocco’s impressive performance in information and communications technology (ICT), knowledge and technology outputs, and high-tech manufacturing contributed to its top rank.

Pioneering 3G and Digital Transformation

Morocco was the first African country to implement 3G technology, although it is still preparing to transition to 5G. The country has rapidly advanced in internet access and IT infrastructure, ranking second in digital transformation in Africa in 2021.

Global Network Readiness Index

In the 2022 Portland Institute’s Network Readiness Index, Morocco ranked 79th out of 131 countries. The country excelled in e-commerce legislation, ICT service exports, and high-tech manufacturing, demonstrating its robust ICT application and impact on the economy.

Focusing on Digital Infrastructure

Morocco recognizes digitalization and internet access improvement as crucial for its social and economic development. The government has prioritized enhancing digital infrastructure to meet future challenges.

Challenges in Financial Digitization

Despite advancements, Morocco faces challenges in financial digitization. A 2022 report by Endeavor revealed that 98% of transactions in Morocco are still conducted in cash, indicating a lag in adopting digital financial services.

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