Huawei Launches Smart Airport Solutions at Airports Innovate Exhibition in Oman

During the recent Airports Innovate Exhibition in Muscat, Oman, Huawei unveiled new smart airport solutions for the international market. These solutions include a fully connected fiber network and smart airport perimeter security with fiber sensing. These technologies are designed to enhance the efficiency and security of airports worldwide.

Advancing Airport Connectivity

Huawei’s fully connected fiber network, leveraging the company’s expertise in the fixed 5G (F5G) sector, marks a significant advancement with its “IP + optical” dual-technology convergence. This network offers several benefits like reliable service transmission, wireless office capabilities, and efficient network management, facilitating intelligent operations and maintenance (O&M).

Smart Airport Perimeter Security

The smart airport perimeter security solution enhances operational security with accurate intrusion detection and reduced false alarm rates. This technology ensures comprehensive, weather-resistant perimeter surveillance, contributing to heightened airport security standards.

Huawei’s Airport Cloud and Digital Transformation

The showcase also included Huawei’s Airport Cloud and panoramic smart airport solutions, serving as a cornerstone for airports’ intelligent and digital transformation. These solutions aim to provide ultra-reliable connectivity and seamless travel experiences for passengers.

Global Impact and Future Commitment

Huawei, a leading ICT infrastructure provider, has a long-standing presence in the transportation industry, offering services to over 130 airports in more than 40 countries. Moving forward, Huawei aims to collaborate with industry partners to further innovate and support the digitalization and intelligence transformation of global airport customers, thereby enhancing the quality of smart civil aviation.

The implementation of these smart solutions by Huawei at airports signifies a major leap in the digital transformation of the aviation industry, offering improved operational efficiency, enhanced security measures, and a better passenger experience.

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