Telecom Egypt Partners with Madinet Masr for Smart City Services

Telecom Operators in GCC

Telecom Egypt (ETEL), a leading telecommunications company, has announced a cooperation protocol with Madinet Masr, a prominent urban developer, to deliver integrated communications and smart city services in all of Madinet Masr’s projects. This development, detailed in a press release, marks a significant step in the advancement of smart urban solutions in Egypt.

Providing Comprehensive Communication Services

The collaboration encompasses a range of services, including landline, high-speed internet, and IP TV services. These provisions are aimed at enhancing the quality of living and operational efficiency in Madinet Masr’s developments.

Enhancing Connectivity and Coverage

To ensure superior communication services and network coverage, Telecom Egypt will establish mobile signal booster stations across the projects. These installations are expected to guarantee optimal connectivity within the urban developments.

Accessibility and Public Wi-Fi

In addition to communication services, the agreement includes the establishment of sales outlets and the provision of public Wi-Fi services. This move is in line with efforts to make modern, high-quality communication services more accessible to residents and visitors of Madinet Masr’s projects.

This partnership between Telecom Egypt and Madinet Masr signifies a collaborative effort to integrate advanced telecommunications infrastructure into urban development, ultimately contributing to the growth of smart cities in Egypt.

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