Bahrain National Insurance Partners with Nasmaakum for Inclusive Communication

Bahrain National Insurance Company (bni) has entered into a significant memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nasmaakum, a pioneering sign language mobile application. This partnership marks a notable advancement in inclusive communication technology.

Empowering Sign Language Users

Developed by Invita, a company specializing in business process outsourcing (BPO) and digital transformation, Nasmaakum is designed to empower individuals who primarily communicate through sign language. The application provides real-time sign language interpretation services via video calls, offering a groundbreaking solution for seamless communication.

Bridging Communication Gaps

This collaboration signifies bni’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, aiming to bridge the communication gap for the deaf and hard of hearing community. By integrating Nasmaakum’s technology, bni can offer more accessible services to a broader customer base, demonstrating its dedication to serving diverse customer needs.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The integration of Nasmaakum into bni’s services is expected to enhance the overall customer experience, particularly for those relying on sign language. It reflects an innovative approach to embracing technology for social inclusion and highlights bni’s role in fostering an inclusive society.

Looking Forward

The partnership between Bahrain National Insurance Company and Nasmaakum is a model for corporate responsibility and technological innovation. It sets a precedent for other companies in the region to follow, promoting inclusivity and accessibility through technology. This initiative is a step towards a more inclusive future, where communication barriers are broken down, and services are accessible to all, regardless of their communication needs.

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